Cantella: A Legacy of Adaptation and Empowerment in the Financial Industry

In 1952, Vincent Cantella founded Cantella & Co., Inc., establishing its roots as a specialist on the floor of the Boston Stock Exchange. Over the years, the firm gained expertise in making markets for numerous New England-based companies. Recognized for its prowess, Cantella expanded its horizons in 1969 by purchasing a seat on the New York Stock Exchange, ultimately becoming one of the largest execution providers for institutional investors and asset owners in Pacific Rim countries.

With an unwavering commitment to progress, Cantella continued to evolve in response to a changing landscape, leading to the birth of its contemporary identity. In becoming a clearing firm for smaller broker/dealers, Cantella embraced a pivotal transformation. This marked the beginning of a new chapter, wherein Cantella became a trusted partner for financial advisors, broker/dealers, and RIAs by establishing clearing relationships with renowned entities such as Fidelity Institutional, Pershing LLC, and Raymond James in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Jay Lanstein, our esteemed CEO and a South Boston native, assumed leadership in 2008, guiding Cantella through the challenging Subprime Mortgage Financial Crisis. Jay's journey with Cantella began as an intern, where he demonstrated his forward-thinking approach by modernizing internal systems and automating crucial processes.

In late 2022, Cantella embarked on a transformative journey by joining Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., a broker-dealer member FINRA/SIPC, as an enterprise Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction. This strategic partnership revitalized Cantella's core mission of empowering independent financial advisors and assisting clients in achieving their financial goals. Aligning with Cambridge unlocked new possibilities, allowing Cantella to enhance back-office support, provide cutting-edge technology solutions, offer compliance expertise, and expand its range of resources available to advisors. 

With its rich history of adaptation and a renewed focus on empowering financial advisors, Cantella, now operating as a branch office of Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., is poised to shape the future of the financial industry. Through strategic alliances, visionary leadership, and a commitment to innovation, Cantella remains steadfast in its dedication to supporting advisors and helping clients navigate their financial journeys with confidence.