Transition Services

Changing broker/dealers can be a daunting proposition. No matter how many good reasons there may be to do it, it can give rise to a number of questions for advisors and RIAs:

  • When am I going to be back in production?
  • Will all or a majority of my clients be willing to make the move?
  • Will I have the help I need to escort them through the process?
  • Am I going to be overwhelmed by all the paperwork that needs to be filled out and filed?

Believe us, we understand your apprehensions. While we can’t tell you that transitioning to Cantella doesn’t involve work on your part and ours, we can assure you that when you make the move, we’ll give you as much support as we possibly can to ensure that your transition is smooth and sane.

In fact, we take the driver’s seat, providing you with the tools and technology to facilitate the process from start to finish.

You’ll enjoy the attention of our seasoned Transition Team whose priority is to make it possible for you to continue to focus on your clients as the process unfolds. These are people with experience in business development, compliance and operations who will help you through all the critical decisions points. From identifying start-up costs and choosing office space to obtaining health insurance and choosing a business name and entity structure.

You can be confident that our end-to-end transition strategy is:

  • Systematized
  • Customized to your practice
  • Aggressively managed by us with clearly defined roles and responsibilities for us and you
First Class Transition Services

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