Customized technology

At Cantella, we understand the value of technology, and we know how to deliver it. We augment our clearing firm partners’ technology with proprietary solutions developed in-house by a team led by Jay Lanstein, our CEO and Chief Information Officer. We built this technology to maximize efficiency, productivity and potential for our own use over the years, and we now offer it as a resource for other firms looking to invest in technology as an asset for their business. In fact, we may have a higher percentage of people devoted to technology than almost anyone else in the business.

The technology we deliver is customized to your business and designed to streamline it. We know that data is vital to keeping your focus on your growth, and our experience running multiple lines of business allows us to offer you cohesive reporting and analysis of your entire business. Our comprehensive solution set includes a document vault, e-signature and workflow, business intelligence reporting, compensation and AUM reporting, email and website hosting and more. And our technology team is never done. We continually enhance our offerings based on your business needs, recommendations and changes in our industry.

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