Comprehensive products and services

Every broker/dealer provides products like mutual funds and variable annuities for their clients, and Cantella is no exception. In fact, the financial products available to you here number in the thousands.

But in addition, you’ll get something that we believe is more valuable. As a Cantella client, you’ll have access to a team of financial professionals dedicated to your success, with creative and innovative thinking designed to help you make the most effective use of our array of financial alternatives.

In addition to traditional investment products, we also offer you a suite of non-securities insurance products, and our team of insurance specialists will work with you on insurance cases that go beyond the scope of your expertise.

We also give you access to an array of services geared toward high net-worth clients such as private banking, securities-backed lines of credit and jumbo mortgage services. Combine that with our trust and wealth solutions teams, and you have the means to differentiate your practice from your competitors. This comprehensive approach to wealth management drives better retention of assets and the ability to capture assets held at other firms.

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