SAAS/Technology Acquirers

When smaller financial advisory practices look closely at their books, the size of the budget they’re forced to commit to satisfying their technological needs is often disturbing. In addition to internal staffing requirements, they’re also spending money on commission, processing, reporting, and overnight systems, often through separate vendors.

By consolidating all of that activity with Cantella, we’re often able to save firms hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in charges, and that is money that goes straight to the bottom line.

This market typically looks to us for:

  • Integrated, cost effective technology solutions provided by a responsive vendor
  • Single point of contact with fewer relationships to manage
  • Proven technology developed by a firm that lives and breathes your business every day

For more information on partnering with Cantella please contact our Business Development team at 800-653-0391 or click here "Partnering with Cantella".

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