Letter from the President.

When you join Cantella, you’re not just partnering with a broker/dealer and RIA, you’re joining a entrepreneurial family. Our philosophy is simple: Our financial advisors, partner firms and employees are individuals – you are a familiar name, not a number.

Over sixty years ago, Vin Cantella had a vision of building a company that would stand out from the rest. Cantella would excel where others fell down - in dedication, entrepreneurial spirit, service, integrity, and professionalism - without sacrificing family-based culture.

With Cantella, you will have a partner who understands and operates a broker/dealer and RIA, who knows the inner workings of Raymond James, Pershing and NFS, who has a deep IT background, and who possesses the knowledge and team to harness technology and relationships to solve key business issues.

We will help you operate with optimal efficiency, saving you time and money. By consolidating your need for multiple a la carte services/vendors, you can avoid the, often disjointed, ongoing administrative burden that can detract from your asset gathering and customer facing work. The infrastructure we offer to your practices is the same set of systems we built for operating our own firm.

We remain as committed as ever to this vision and do not believe you will find another firm with the unique combination of history, integrity and innovation, nor will you find a team who will work harder to support you.

I’m proud to be part of ensuring that his vision continues to be realized every day.

Jennie Devlin
President and Chief Revenue Officer

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