We show our commitment to causes we believe in, and that often means kids.

At Cantella, we give with both the wallet and the heart. We choose to focus our charitable efforts at the local level because that allows us to have a direct impact on our community.

Because we have children of our own, children in need are of special importance to us. Encouragement and support are critical in helping people of all ages succeed, and they can have a particularly positive effect on children who haven’t had the easiest start in life. At the same time, we focus on building relationships with young people entering the workforce. We believe that providing information and advice to them and sharing the benefits of our professional experience have a ripple effect, helping all of us achieve more.

Some of the regular causes we have committed our time, energy and money to are the following:

  • The Massachusetts Department for Children and Families Internship Program
  • Cradles to Crayons
  • Cookies for Kids with Cancer
  • Salvation Army
  • Cards for Causes
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